Teaching graduate and undergraduate coursework in sound, documentary, and 16mm filmmaking at The New School, Mason Gross School of the Arts, and Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema. Additionally, several guest lectures, artist talks, and workshops at various intsitutions.

Media Practices: Audio

A theory/practice hybrid graduate course on sound production, including forms such as radio, sound design for image, sonic ethnography, and soundscape composition.

Time-Based Documentary

An intensive hybrid theory/practice graduate level course introducing students to the history, theory, and practice of non-fiction sound and moving-image production.

16mm Filmmaking Studio

An undergraduate production course covering the fundamentals of 16mm filmmaking, including cinematography, sound, lighting, directing, and editing.

Advanced Sound Design

This advanced undergraduate course guides students in the principles and practiucum of sound design and theatrical mix for film, including surround sound.

Experimental Filmmaking

An intensive journey into the wonderful world of cameraless filmmaking, archival collage, analog cameras, extended recording techniques, and darkroom experiments.

Sound Recording for Post-Production

This graduate course introduces students to sound production for moving-image with an emphasis on the creative process of post-production with Pro Tools.


Recent workshops, presentations, and screenings: